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Archive for November 18th, 2019

Needlepoint Update

#1 bought this needlepoint for mother’s day for me.  It is a Kirk and Bradley canvas, and when I received it I was pleasantry surprised at how BRIGHT this canvas was.  I had settled on a ribbon for the brightest pink, and ran out.  I looked everywhere for the same dye lot and color.  No luck.

After a little searching I did find a good replacement.

The Finished product:


I did the white and black in wool, the purple centers in velvet.  It’s hard to tell but the back in the center is sparkly.  I’m going to have this finished as a pillow.


Here’s what I am working on now:

This is an Elizabeth Turner Queen Bee canvas.  It is supposed to be finished into a mirror.  But I made the center  Initials.

Monday’s To Do

*This* Accurately describes school around here some days

Monday’s Plans

  • School
  • Clean up office and eBay area for meetings this week.
  • Find hotel info for Hawaii
  • Clean out car
  • Dinner = Ribs, baked beans, fries
  • Write up and list for eBay and Amazon
  • find new “head of the house” dining room chairs
  • call about ring setting
  • Call dentist and Orthodontist
  • Find photograph new items for One and Only
  • Start getting Black Friday Promo together
  • Post office
  • eye glasses for #3.5
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