Best You Day 20

What did I do today? I think I spent all day at Walmart… exercised, made dinner, ate a lovely lunch at Cream Sugar

What did I feel today? Positive.

What do I feel grateful for today? I got to listen to someone tell me how smart one of my kids are..

What challenged me? I waited in a VERY long line to get paint today.. Well it wasn't a line it was just one lady that ordered 18 DIFFERENT gallons of paint.

How did I overcome that challenge? I waited and passed the time by talking to #3 🙂

What did I savor today? I made #6 laugh. You know that kind of baby belly laugh? It was an accident. I had him sitting on my lap (facing me) and he was kind of scrunched up sitting there. I looked over at him and said; "You look like a fat baby." He laughed at me. That cute baby laugh.

How about you? What are your answers? Here is why I'm doing this.

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