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I Can’t Believe it Didn’t Sell! Made in Japan Starfire set

We’ve been going through all of our old stock of antiques and new items we have bought to sell on eBay. Some things were real hits.. and others not so much. Here’s one of those “not so much”

These are Made in Japan “Starfire” mugs, fondue pot and stand.

I know some are you are saying I know why those didn’t sell! They are ugly!

But look it comes with a fondue pot! Really it’s quite charming. Well, maybe not

so much.

Why Didn’t This Sell? Everyone Needs a Cup Holder Lamp!

I have any idea why this didn’t sell. I mean really.. who doesn’t need a 1950’s cup holder lamp?

This is pretty cute right?

Cool Shade.. even laces up..

That little white spot is some goober from the camera.. It has no chips or cracks.

This is the worst thing.. the felt on the bottom was damaged.

I mean really.. who DOESN’T need a cup holder lamp? It’s so hip.. so cool..

I thought this would sell: Blenko Glass Owl’s

Blenko Owl Bookends? Glass dudes? You decide…

When I found these cute Blenko glass owls in a box -o- junk at a local auction I thought “Hey these are going to be big sellers!”   Blenko glass is a big collectible.. But..  It never happened.. they never sold.

I mean really,.. my photos were good.. What the heck is the problem. There was no damage.. But I never received a bid.

But I never received a bid.  This kind of baffling stuff happens on eBay, and no one ever knows why.  So tell me.. do you have anything FABULOUS.. that you can’t figure out why it didn’t sell? Send your photo in with a description.. maybe it will make the next..  IT NEVER SOLD…

March 2021
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