I love trying to find just the right thing for my kids for Christmas. My friend eBetsy pointed out this Lego Auction on eBay. It's for over 1000 lbs of Legos.. but the cost $20,000!

Check out these creative ways Etsy Seller have used Legos!

Black Lego Gem Tile Adjustable Ring Cost $6.99 by Etsy Seller Gr0glmann Check it out HERE

Catholic Lego rosary $20.00 by MementoMoose Check it out HERE

Custom Lego Wedding Cake Topper Bride and Groom $150.00 by Etsy Seller FoldedFancy Check it out HERE

Storm Trooper Lego Silver Toned Cufflinks $19.00 by Etsy Seller CrimsonKing Check it out HERE

Hope is Coming 8×10 photo $22.00 by Etsy Seller thesecretlifeoftoys Check it out HERE

Coptic Bound Lego Book with Build Your Own Design $37.00 by Etsy Seller moonlightbindery Check it out HERE

20” x 30” Customized mosaic created from Lego $540.00 by Etsy Seller MikeRPI Check it out HERE

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