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October 1st Report…

You know.. Check yourself before you wreck yourself…

I've had a few people email and ask me how court went yesterday.   It wasn't bad.. but it wasn't great either.  I've talked a little bit about my stalker HERE and HERE and some day soon when this dumb thing is over I will tell you ALL about it.. until then here's what happened yesterday.

We walked into court and the stalker (let's call him Charlie) was brought in his orange and white stripe jumpsuit and was in shackles.  He stared at me and the family I brought for support.  The judge asked if we were ready.. and my attorney (let's call him Superman) said yes.. and what do you think Charlie said? 

"No your honor, since I've been in jail I couldn't get all my witness' ready.  I'm suppose to get out of here by the 23rd, and I'd like 45 extra days to prepare for this trial."

After much thought and looking things up on a computer… the judge gives him the continuance he wants.  So now.. after believing that  it was going to be over on the 1st..of October…  I have to wait until after Thanksgiving for this mess to be over.  The good thing that happened?  The judge told "Charlie" that "if and when he get's out of jail, he's not to post about me or the minor child on social media."

Charlie 0

Superman 1

PS.. did you know that if you have on ankle and wrist shackles you can't pick things up on a table without lifting your legs?  I didn't know either until I saw Charlie have an issue with it. 🙂

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