Dear eBay Queen: How Do You Contact eBay?

Dear eBay Queen:

I can not figure out how to get eBay to call me.  This seller I’ve been communicating with is very nice, but I still can no understand what to do.  Could you help?




Dear Malikea:

It can be a little daunting if you are not sure how to contact someone on eBay.  Here are the step by step ways to get eBay to call you.

1. Go to the top of any eBay page and click on HELP & CONTAcT

2. Go to the BOTTOM of that page and click on Contact US



3. Click on Buying


4. Click on How Buying Works on eBay


5 Click on Have us Call you.


Blog Challenge Day 3 A Bag

This is my 35,000 feedback purse.  I buy myself a new purse every milestone feedback.  This is a Dooney and Bourke ostrich leather large Barlow bag.  I really love it.  It has lots of room and with the 2 side pockets  it keeps my phone, mask and other important stuff easy to get too.  I got it at a Great price… like 70% off.  Which makes it an even better purse in my opinion!

Happy Birthday #3

This girl turns 22 today.  That seems so amazing to me. How can she be 22?  How do I not remember every second from the last 22 years?  She was super mad at me in this pic. I wouldn’t buy her a Webkins… I think this might be the only time she was mad at me 😉  We love you sweet girl.  Happy Birthday!