45 Day eBay Return & PayPal Dispute

Way back on April 20th I sold and item to a buyer.  The buyer paid, and I shipped it the same day. pg28paypalcase5

Saturday June 11, I received a return request stating that the item didn’t fit her.  I called eBay and asked “If I was required to accept a return on an item that the buyer purchase 50 days ago.”  eBay closed the case in my favor.


If you review the comments, you’ll see the buyers reason for return. “Hi there This item is the correct size, however it did not give me the support needed.  I usually don’t like to give sellers on eBay a hard time, but the bra is no use to me this time.  Can I still return this item? Sorry for the inconvenience.”


The buyers reason for return here? Not as described.

Sunday I receive a message stating that the buyer opened a PayPal claim that for “Significantly Not As Described”  How can this item go from “it doesn’t fit” to “not as described”?  ALSO  the case was escalated IMMEDIATELY.  No chance for the buyer and I to communicate.

What do you think is going to happen?

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