18 Years.. 18 Years.. 18 Years..


March 17th was a big day for us.  It marked 18 years of me being #1's mother. Most people don't realize that #1 is not my biological daughter, and when they find out they are totally shocked.. and usually say "You two look so much a like!" or "I can't believe that! You would never know by looking at you!" 


#1 was The Man's from a previous marriage… when I met him, I really liked her better than I liked him.


When I married The Man; #1 walked me down the aisle… and she cried.  You know like sobbing.  I told her to stop and she said, "I can't! I'm just so happy!"  (She didn't seem happy).  Over the years we've shared countless funny moments… I wouldn't trade anything.


Thanks for being my daughter!

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