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Archive for March 26th, 2020

Food Allergies? Seriously?

I’ve had some odd stomach issues for about 10 years.  I saw this Everly Well Food Sensitivity test on sale on Facebook and thought why not?    I really didn’t think I was allergic to anything.  Turns out I am.  Here’s how the test goes.

Once you buy the test they send you a kit.


The hardest part (I thought) was getting enough blood to fill the dots.


I mailed it off and got my results within a week.


Seriously 25 foods?

The funny thing is, most of the food I used to tell my mom I was allergic to when I was a kid… I have an allergy to now. I’ve eliminated those foods from my diet.. and low and behold my stomach is better!  Have you ever taken a mail order test like this?

Thursday 3-26-2020 Quarantine Day 4

Since I am mostly working from home.. I’m not even sure what is going on.


Thursday’s  To Do

  • School
  • Write up and list eBay and Amazon
  • Dinner Smoked Brisket, Smashed potatoes, green beans
  • I’ve got 2 family birthday’s coming up.  I’m not sure how I am going to buy presents and celebrate.
  • Inventory the freezer
  • Clean out car
  • Laundry
  • Pick up and sweep off the porch
  • clean up the yard
  • Post Office
  • Figure out where to set up “puzzle club” or “scrabble club”
  • List one tote of stuff.
  • Load car to take back to consultant job
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