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Blog Challenge Day 3 A Bag

This is my 35,000 feedback purse.  I buy myself a new purse every milestone feedback.  This is a Dooney and Bourke ostrich leather large Barlow bag.  I really love it.  It has lots of room and with the 2 side pockets  it keeps my phone, mask and other important stuff easy to get too.  I got it at a Great price… like 70% off.  Which makes it an even better purse in my opinion!

Happy Birthday #3

This girl turns 22 today.  That seems so amazing to me. How can she be 22?  How do I not remember every second from the last 22 years?  She was super mad at me in this pic. I wouldn’t buy her a Webkins… I think this might be the only time she was mad at me 😉  We love you sweet girl.  Happy Birthday!





Blog Post Challenge Day 2 Goals for September

My goals for September:

  1. List all of that stuff (above)
  2. Get my website up (I’m so close)
  3. Clean and organize my planner stuff
  4. Finish my current needlepoint

Wednesday’s To Do

  • Meeting  8:30
  • List on eBay/Amazon for Consulting Job
  • One time Orders
  • Dinner= Something out
  • Post Office
  • Send offers
  • Email daily list
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