A Baby Costs $785.00 a Month… How much is your allowance?

When we just had baby #3 there was the billboard The Man would pass everyday… It said; “A Baby Costs 485.00 a Month.. How much is your allowance?”  Any time I would tell him we should have another baby he would say.. “A baby is 485.00 a month, I don’t have that kind of money.”

While hanging out in Globe Arizona I saw a small poster in the courthouse that said the same thing.  I tried to bribe everyone there to let me buy it.. and no one would.  I searched and searched for it and finally found it.  When I did, the price for a baby had gone up considerably!

A baby costs 785 a month how much is your allowance

I bought a couple of these..

Check out how happy this guy is…

This poster cracks me up… so I bought it too.

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