A Baby is a Baby.. even if they are Five

This is my baby #5… and today he turns 5.  I can hardly believe

where the time has gone.   It just seems like yesterday I had him.

Here’s #3 holding #5 when he was just a few days old…

We think he’s pretty cute.. (and animated)

He’s not ashamed to play with American Girl Dolls.  Here he’s

yelling at #3’s doll and telling her to “close your eyes!”

He loves to model with eBay Stuff…

Sometimes he get’s in trouble.. and has to go to time out.

(yes I have put money away for therapy)

Do you recognize the blue dude?  That’s Stitch from “Lelo and Stitch”.  #5 likes to

call Stitch his “baby”.

Here he got away from me at City Hall and I found him pretending

he was the mayor… Which was not nearly as scary as this..

I lost him at the County Fair!  Read about that HERE.

Someday I’ll tell you the story about #5 and his hair…

You see.. I just couldn’t cut it.. and didn’t until he was over

3 years old.. He’s modeling the “Sanjay Ponyhawk” here.

Holy Smokes… I love a baby in nothing but a diaper…

There is something about it that makes me happy.

This kid didn’t like clothes so he pretty much looked

like this all the time.

Look.. he’s bored with my homage to him…

Happy Birthday #5! We love you!

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