A Funny Little Estate Sale..

Saturday morning we set out to go to a garage sale that I was invited to on Facebook and found an Estate Sale on the same street. I don't know about you.. but we call that  LUCKY!


It wasn't an estate sale in the classic sense.. it was more like a "We are selling everything in our house backyard sale."


Nothing was priced… so #1 and #3.5 did a lot of.. "Do you know how much this thing is?"


Stuff wasn't really organized.. it was just set outside in boxes.. but you didn't know if they were selling it by the box.. or individually.


More stuff…


What I bought…


cute apron huh?


See that teapot? It matches #1's violet Lefton coffee set she received from her grandparents.  They originally gave the coffee set to #1's Great Grandparents.. and #1 loves it.  She was so excited to get this for .50 cents!


Our big find of the day?  A wedding announcement from the 1970's.. from a couple that goes to our church!  How cool is that?

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