A Glimpse of Black Friday 2014


In Black Friday's past I was pretty excited to go out and find some bargains.  This year because of the person that rear ended #2 it took the fun out of the day.  We had to borrow a car, because one car was in the shop, while the other car was well… smashed.   I've been worried about buying another car so close to Christmas..you know all that fun stuff.  Not to mention #2 has been having severe headaches, and short term memory loss.

black2014friday2It appears we have a Starbucks, Quick Trip problem. Good thing Grandpa's truck has lots of cup holders.


We have several stores we go to on Black Friday, no matter what the sale.  Target, Old Navy, Marshall's, Wal-mart.

black2014friday4#2 walked around Target with this mask on… and it was just this moment that #1 realized he was doing it.

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