A Lesson in Geography by DHL Shipping

Last Tuesday my computer  died..  it would turn on, but not boot up.  #2 and The Man  diagnosed my issue as a bad motherboard. (You always need to watch out for those bad mother….. boards)  We ordered a motherboard and a keyboard (because I had a broken arrow key) off eBay.   The motherboard was sent Priority Mail and arrived Friday.  My keyboard was sent DHL express and arrived today. 

dhlgeo1Here's the route my package took.  Do you see anything wrong?



This package went from Grand Prairie Texas to Kansas  City, KS (only about 60 miles from my house) to Saint Louis Missouri (about 300 miles from my house) back to Kansas City Kansas and then to Ottawa Kansas…  Not the most direct route… but at least it's here. 🙂

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