A Little Update

I had a few readers ask me about what kind of consulting I’ve been doing..  I’ve done eBay consulting over the years, but nothing long term.  Most of the consulting I’ve done is just getting new account holders up and running or long term sellers/companies advice on making their accounts Top Rated or maybe ideas on getting their shipping to run smoother.


In May of 2016 I was contacted by a company and asked to help them with their 3rd party listing and managing their eBay and Amazon accounts.  I worked off and on through the summer and they called me back in to help them in October, and I’ve been working on their accounts since.  It is so much fun and exciting to see how multi-million dollar companies run their business. I basically do everything for their account except ship.  I really enjoy their product, customers and the employees that work there.

So now you know when you see “consulting” on my to do list… what I’m doing. 🙂

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