A Postal Error + 11″ of Snow= a Storm of eBay Cases

Sometime last year eBay made the "opening a case" process so easy that a buyer simply asking where their item is opens a flipping case 🙁  

postalsmoking#1 and I trying to figure out what to do with all these eBay Cases.

Since last Friday my little area of Kansas has had lots of ice and around 11" of snow at the beginning of this week.  On Tuesday our wonderful mail person Sara picked up around 25 packages, took them to my rural post office where they sat because the BIG postal truck never picked them up (because of the snow storm). 

Wednesday morning I woke up to this:


FOUR CASES  These buyers all paid for their item after 5:00pm Monday night or Tuesday AM, and they were shipped on Tuesday.  Why on earth would eBay allow them to open a "item not received case" if their item was just paid for and shipped less than 24 hours ago?

When a buyer open's a case the money is taken out of the sellers PayPal account and put on hold until the case is resolved, which can take up to 30 days.  You see the buyer could receive this item, leave positive feedback, and the case is still be opened because *the buyer* hasn't closed it. 🙁  Which I guarantee will happen with these 4 cases and this money.

I responded to each case, it seems the buyers in all those cases followed the tracking numbers of each item, and the last scan said "delivered to Rantoul, Post Office"  which made the buyers think their item was considered "delivered" but not to their house. 

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