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One of my favorite photos of the Man & I.. It looks like he’s saying: "What are you talking about now?"

I have 6 children and one grumpy husband. I like to refer to my grumpy husband as  "The Man".  Because well, he **IS** the Man.. and a little grumpy.  

The Man doesn't really collect anything.  I like to say we collect children.

A little about our life…

We live on 40 acres in Kansas. About 30 miles south west of Kansas City. We don’t farm our land.. but we do have lots of turkey, deer, squirrels, and snakes that live here. We also have a few domestic animals: 6 farm cats,  1 Degu’s 5 hermit crabs and one "special" (dumb) dog named Elvis. When I’m not homeschooling, involved in Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Youth Group or working on my eBay stuff you can find me at a farm/estate auctions.                                                    



This is Elvis.. he's our rescue dog.. and we love him. We like to call him

special.. because he's well, not the smartest dog.


My children range in age from 26 to 7 months. When people hear I have so many children (6) or that they are so spaced out ha! (in age) they ask one of these questions:

  1. Did you plan to have that many children?  Nope, I never thought I could have children of my own..
  2. Are you Catholic?  Nope, I'm a passionate Presbyterian. I just took that part of Genesis 1:28 seriously when God said; "Be Fruitful and Multiply".
  3. Did they ALL come from the same father? No, different mothers. I really say this.. and it confuses the heck out of people.  But really what kind of question is that to ask someone? (and… yes, they all have the same father.)  But sometimes to freak people out I say; "I think they all have the same father".
  4. "Look they brought the WHOLE  daycare!" Not a question, but it's been said before

If you still want to know more…

Here’s what my editor says about me:  "Suzie Eads is a nationally recognized eBay seller and a Certified eBay Education Specialist. She is a 13 year selling and buying veteran on eBay and has had over 50,000 transactions. USA TODAY and 30 other newspapers across the United States featured her in different eBay articles. Suzie keeps at least 100 auctions and 800 store items up at all times."


This is #6. He is the baby.. As soon as he can talk, I'll ask him what he thinks about me.



This is #5. He spent years being "the Baby". He used to away with everything (when he was the baby), and we still think he's pretty darn cute.  #5 collects Bakugan, Marvel Super Hero Stuff and Yu-Gi-Oh! stuff.  He searches eBay for rare Bakugan cards.




This kid is the first to get up and the last to go to bed. He takes boxes out to the Mail Lady or UPS dude without complaints.  He collects Disney Car's stuff, and Matchbox cars.  He searches eBay for weird science stuff.


This is #3. She has a few titles of her own; her father calls her "little Suzie" or Mini Me because he thinks we look and act alike. #3 is one that you would on your side in a fight.  She's fiercely loyal and pretty cute.  #3 collects and searches eBay for American Girl items, vintage fashions and accessories for her phone.  She searches eBay for whatever she thinks is the in thing right now.


Yes.. this kid is LOUNGING on a Elmo Potty Seat.

Here is #2. He has a few titles, but I'm not going to share them with anyone right now. When I think of #2 I think of that line in Austin Powers where Dr Evil says; "#2 I make the decisions around here, Thank you". I'm sure those of you that had teenage boys will know why. He's also really good at hondling (getting people to take less for something) at estate and garage sales.  #2 collects WordPress plug in's, College hoodies, and Rescue Heros from his childhood.   #2 even has his own business.  He searches eBay for old computer parts.



#1 has many titles.. Shipping Manager, Photographer, Barista, Lunch Lady. (and apparently from this photo.. WHINO) #1 collects vintage knitting patterns, yarn, bamboo knitting needles and old books. 

Here’s what I collect…

I collect a Adams Caylxware dishes in the Metz pattern.  American Bisque indented dot or poke-a-dot pigs, needlepoint, and quilts. One of my best finds was a 1860’s appliqued civil war era quilt. (see below)


I ate off of these dishes as a kid, and my mom wouldn’t let me buy them or give me the ones from my childhood.. So I bought a place setting for 12 on eBay one piece at a time.


I found this 1860’s Civil War era Pastor’s Quilt at an auction… I had no idea what I had found. Until Oprah told me!

Just a few piles of quilts.. I’ve collected.

Here’s some of the pigs, green pottery and the American Bisque Pigs I collect


How I became the eBay Queen…

I found eBay in 1998. It was the first site I surfed when the internet was offered at my house. I was instantly hooked.  The first thing I sold was some GI Joe Masterpiece edition action figures. I sold a few things I had around the house, and started going to estate and farm auctions, buying antiques and collectibles. 

I was featured in USA Today’s www.usatoday.com/tech/news/2005-02-01-ebay-usat_x.htm  Money section.  The site no longer has the photos up.. but it was a pretty cool experience.  I’ve also been in about 25-30 newspapers around the US, including the Kansas City Star, Arizona Republic and Miami Herald.  I received lots of phone calls and emails from people asking if I could help them with an eBay problem.  I was talking to my father-in-law about it, and he said; "You could be the Dear Abby of eBay!"

Do you have a question for me?  questions@asktheebayqueen.com

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