Ahhh… Negatives


It was delivered on 1-14-2016, but that’s not the sellers fault, Love it!

*** here’s a little crazy tidbit.. she left the negative on the 13th. ***

This buyer purchased a large canister from me, and wanted to buy the medium and small, but her offer for the medium and small were almost below my cost.  She paid for the large, and over a 4 day time period I messaged her 4 times asking for her physical address because I could not send this to her PO Box.  She would message me back;

When are you going to ship this?”

I would message her again, requesting her physical address.  No response.  On the 4th day I sent her a message that said:

“I need your physical address by this evening, or I will refund your money and cancel the transaction.” 

That made something click in her.. and she finally gave it to me.

We sent her item.. and she left a negative.  Fortunately I had documentation, and eBay removed it.