Amazon Fail..

WAY back in November of 2011, I sold a platter on Amazon. They buyer paid for it, I sent it.

Ship Date: Nov 9, 2012

Carrier: USPS

Shipping Service: USPS Priority Mail

Tracking ID:  


Confirmation Services: Delivery confirmation

Label Options: Hidden postage

Package Type: Thick Envelope/Small Package

Package Weight: 5 lb 


Total shipping cost:

Shipping Label:  


Transaction Fee:  


Delivery Confirmation:  


Total shipping cost:


 March 17th I receive this email from the buyer:

"I ordered this item for my niece and she never received it.  What is the procedure to get it??"

I email the buyer back:

"I am so sorry you did not receive your item.  It appears that since it has been 5 months since you purchased it, the delivery confirmation has expired.  I will call my post office and see if I can not get them to check the confirmation number."

Buyer files an A-Z claim AFTER 5 months!!! Amazon's policy to file A-Z claims is 90 days.  The buyer NEVER contacted me until 5 months after the item was sent.  

I respond immediately to the A-Z claim, and within 10 minutes the claim is closed in the BUYERS FAVOR.  I'm out 125.00 + shipping.   I'm not sure what I could have done as a seller that would have prevented this.




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