Auction Finds…

Monday I went to Strickers Auction. If you've never been there, it will fascinate you.

They had some really neat bulbs and flowers..

I forgot about these dishes.. and left before they got to them 🙁

See the guy with 109 in his pocket? That's 109.. see the other guy? That's Jerry Stricker.. he owns the place. He auctions the junk outside.

Rows of stuff

I love that first shelf.. but don't have any place for it.. well maybe the school room. I love that yellow lamp but not the shade. The buffet table wanted to come home with me.. but I didn't want The Man to have a cow.

Check out this car.. it's where the clerk sits.. in the heat or a/c. Pretty unique huh?

Here's Ron Stricker.. he auctions on the inside.

Setting up on the inside.

Panara Trash cans anyone?

Here's What I got…

Old Photos and Albums.

**Also under there is some pretty cool boutique purses, and jewelry.

Lenox pieces, new snow globes and other junk..

2 HUGE filing cabinets.. to file eBay junk.

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