Auctions Finds…

This was one of the strangest auctions I’ve never been too.  I’ve bid on items on eBay.. but I’ve never bid on items for re-sale at an online auction like this one was.  Here’s some of my loot…

I think this was a bankruptcy sale of a beauty shop.  Since I had never

bid this way before, I bid early… and also before the auctions were over.

Next time, I will probably just watch and bid at the end.  It was

fun, and I think I got some pretty good stuff.

Do you know what this is?  If you guessed  a halter top.. you’d be correct.

I was hoping to take photos of the auction house and people picking

their winnings up… but The Man and #2  went to pick up the stuff…

and #2 FORGOT to take photos.  (you’ve failed #2)

Have you ever bid on items for re-sale at a online auction?

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