Best You Day 33

What did I do today? Not much.. worked on my sermon, took my kids into KC. Listened to so crazy people in Borders books yell at each other.

What did I feel today? weird that my birthday is here.. because this age seems OLD to me.

What do I feel grateful for today? my husband's love and respect. I listened to a husband and wife fight.. and he was so rude to her. Even when he's mad at me he's not rude to me.

What challenged me? loosing focus…

How did I overcome that challenge? drank some coffee.. put on my head phones.

What did I savor today? #2 picked up #6 in Hobby Lobby and said "He needs his diaper changed, I'll do it." It's unbelievable to me that a 15 year old would do that without prompting.

How about you? What are your answers? Here is why I'm doing this.

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