Best You Day 39

What did I do today? Ran errands..and went to SO many grocery stores I made #2 say "we've been to too many grocery stores! This is ridiculous!" Youth Group this evening.. it was fun 🙂

What did I feel today? Worried about money. I thought one kid REALLY needed braces.. come to find out THEY BOTH need braces and one needs them REALLY BAD. It's July… not many people buy my junk in July.. I'm coming up on the 3 busiest weeks in my life… and that doesn't have anything to do with working on eBay junk.

What do I feel grateful for today? I enjoyed watching the youth group work on their human video.

What challenged me? thinking about money.

How did I overcome that challenge? Thought of different ways to make it and stuff to sell.

What did I savor today? Chatting with some friends this evening.

How about you? What are your answers? Here is why I'm doing this.

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