Car Accidents… and the Meaning of Adding Insult to Injury.


Last Tuesday (November 25th) #2 was heading to a clients to install some computer equipment.  It was a pretty normal day, until it wasn't.  #2 called me and told me someone had rear ended him at a stop light. 


wreck5When I arrived on the scene, #2 looked pretty shaken up, but assured me he was ok. 


He was not.

He had X-Ray's and scans, and was sent home with pain medication and papers on how to treat a concussion. A week later and he is still dealing with short term memory loss, pain and headaches.  These are the kind of things that breaks a mother's heart. 


The next day I called the furniture store that hit our car.  The owner explained to me that there was "NO damage to his vehicle", and that he saw ours, and it "looked perfectly OK".  He didn't know why we needed insurance.  I told him how #2 was hurt, and he said; "You are just milking it, your son and your car is fine!"  I told him most people would apologize, and he said; "I'm not apologizing to someone like you! You are a conartist!"  Then he said the word that starts with F and is the grandfather of all cuss words and when you followed it up with a "you".. and it's unmistakably becomes an insult?  Then he hung up on me.

This Monday #2 was told he could work 4 hours a day.  So I drove him into Lawrence for his big contract he has.. I drove him thinking that he could get a full 4 hours of work, and he could rest his eyes while I was driving.  We have to pass the furniture store that ran into us on our way in to our destination… and look what they were replacing.. after the owner (kind and gentle as he is) told me there was "no damage to his vehicle"


Do you think the owner was telling the truth about his truck not being damaged?  Or does he just replace bumpers everyday?


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