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Are you Going to eBay Open? Come and See me!

I was asked to be part of the Seller Panel: Women Owned eBay Businesses.  I’m super excited!  If you are going to eBay Open.. Come see me!

When Wed Jul 24, 2019 5:15pm – 6:15pm (CDT)
Where Reef DEF
When Thu Jul 25, 2019 10:45am – 11:45am (CDT)
Where Reef DEF

Dear eBay Queen: Help With a Return Please

Dear eBay Queen:

I need your opinion.  I have a buyer that wants to return a vintage school Letterman’s jacket.  She says there is a hole in the pocket.  She opened the return as not as described.  BUT it was as described. I said in the listing, “there is a small hole in the lining of the left pocket.”  I did not take a photo, because the pocket is so small and dark, I didn’t think the photo would show it.

I apologized, and told her that I would be happy to accept the return, but to please open the return saying that she didn’t like it OR that she ordered it by mistake.

She of course did not do that.  She opened stating the item was not as described.  I messaged her back and told her that I would only refund her for the price of the item and not the shipping because she opened it up wrong.  Here is her email:

“Look, I don’t want to have to pay shipping, if I had opened it up and said what you wanted me to, I would have pay.  You should have taken a photo of the hole, that’s what any good seller would do.  Who reads all that stuff anyway?  Please refund my money right away.  I’ve been known to give a bad seller a bad review.”

What can I do?

CCB, Vermont


Dear CCB:

This is not really a good situation.  Your best bet is approve the return and send her a label.  I know what you are saying.  “The buyer admitted to to selecting the wrong reason just to get out of paying for shipping.”   They did! And threatened negative feedback too. In this situation if you honor what you are required to do by eBay standards, THEN you call eBay and let them handle the buyer.

I have found that if I do what is required of me by eBay, then eBay will take care of me.  Some people won’t believe this, but those are the people that are not following the rules.

If you handle it your way, you just might get a negative and case closed without seller resolution.  Save yourself some grief, honor the return and pay the return out like you are required.  Then call eBay and get this buyer reported for their bad buying behavior.


I recommend you accept the return, wait for it to come back, refund her money and then report the buyer.


Wednesday’s Plan 07-10-2019

Here’s what I’m going to try to accomplish today.

  • School
  • Set up for the outlet sale (consultant job)
  • Enter all orders by hand until warehouse glitch is fixed
  • Write 10 eBay items (for myself and the other ID’s I manage)
  • Write 10 Amazon items (for the other ID’s I manage
  • Dinner: Celebrate my birthday with the family
  • Call about windshield
  • plan trip to the Nelson
  • Early Riser sale
  • Follow up call about my PayPal card being compromised

A Little Family Vacation a Little Buying Trip

The Man and I took our family out on a little trip this last week.  It’s hard to travel with a family of our size comfortably.  Since #2 has flown the coop, it is a bit easier to travel with 8 people instead of 9.

family trip

This is the first 10 minutes of our trip.  You can see #4 is already asleep.


#6 was impressed with the fact we had “the executive suite”.   He fancies himself a little business man, and was ready to handle business at the hotel.  Also.. that’s the only room in the hotel that sleeps 8.

Just in case you did not know.. he’s a “BIG HUNK”


I thought I might buy a few things on the trip to re-sell.  My expectations were not high, as it turns out, it was so successful, I had to rent a trailer to get it all home.

The family truckster, the family and the U-Haul.


Here are a few tips to insure your success when out shopping in the retail world.

  • Always leave the place neater than you found it.
  • Be kind to the people shopping around you.
  • BE THE MOST kind to the employees.
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