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Union’s and Postal Workers OR That Time I Chased My USPS Mail Carrier Down


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This morning started out just like any normal day.  We had packages to send out, messages to respond to, you know the usual stuff.  Our rural route mail person was out today so our sub was filling in.  I send #3.5 out to give him our packages.  She came back in with an empty tub and said… “He couldn’t scan them because he wasn’t covered.”

Wasn’t covered? What does that mean?

Everyone knows how important it is to a online seller to have your packages scanned.  I called the substitute mail carrier and he didn’t answer.  I text him.. and he didn’t respond.  What else to do.. but to try and find him.


I drove down a lot of these roads…..


I live in a rural area, if that “rural route carrier” thing didn’t give it away.  I drove around for 30 minutes or so, and finally found him.  Flagged him down and got my packages.  Where he gave me the following excuses for NOT scanning my packages:

  • “I’m not in the same union as everyone else.”
  • “Tammy told me to do it this way.”
  • “I’m not covered.”
  • “Something could happen to me along the way.”
  • “Your packages need coverage that I don’t have.”
  • “The union does not allow me to scan packages”
  • “My phone fell off my visor onto the street and broke.”
  • “I’m sure they would have been scanned when they get to their destination.”
  • “Tammy told me NOT to do it this way”


I listened to his excuses, and found the nearest paved road to drive into town to have my packages scanned.


About 18 miles and 1 hour after the start of my adventure I arrived at the post office to have the packages scanned.


It should not be this hard to mail stuff.

That Time Fed Ex Delivered My Package 15 miles From the Address on the Package

Last week I order a couple of things from one my favorite stores. They shipped it to my house via Fed Ex.


Except the Fed Ex driver didn’t deliver it to my house.  He left it at the door of #2’s office on Main Street in Ottawa KS.  He left a little note: “Call (number) If you don’t want this Here in the future Thanks”  I’m not sure why this delivery driver decided to take *my* package to my son’s business, I’m just glad I received it.

Weird right?

Where Did You Go? An Update.


My blog has been noticeably gone for a week or so. We had a something wrong with the back end so I could not post 🙁  But I’m back and ready to blog.. or something.

The Week of Thanksgiving or…as I call it..

The Week of Suzie..

summerofgeorgeI’m so excited about this week of Thanksgiving.. there is no school, no running children to things, no places I have to be.. I’m going to work on eBay stuff, binge watch movies, talk about nothing with my children and enjoy this week… so I can be ready to go buy things to resell on Friday. 🙂

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