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Fourth Of July

We spent our Fourth of July much like we’ve done in years past.  The Man made Brisket and we went to the levy and watched the Fireworks.




When you get caught between the moon and the Ottawa Grain Elevator.


#6 and #5

#4 and the Moon

Sweet Ike UpDate

I hear that many people have adopted a shelter animal during the quarantine.  We adopted a pit bull mix named Ike.

He’s really good at napping in the sun.


He loves to sleep with his human #6


Or Being rolled up like a burrito.

He does love to read up on the latest Minecraft stuff.  (Don’t mind #6’s hair.. his mother will cut it soon)

Father’s Day 2020

We had a pretty low-key father’s day.  The Man did what he wanted while I wrote stuff up for eBay.    We had rib-eyes, shrimp scampi, baked potatoes, hoppin’ john, and salad.  The Man likes cake so I made him a 5 layer Raspberry chocolate cake with alternating layers of raspberry fill, dark chocolate butter cream and dark chocolate ganache on the top.




Thursday’s Plans Quarantine Day 67

  • School
  • Send progress email (daily
  • Dinner=Roast, mashed potatoes, carrots, rolls
  • Post Office
  • Send offers
  • List on eBay/Amazon for Consulting Job
  • One and Only’s done for June
  • Put orders in system
  • Work on site
  • Grocery Store
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