Eclipse? Did Someone Say Eclipse?

I purchased glasses and a book way back at the beginning of July.  I didn’t think much about it until this last Friday.  I decided to have a food themed eclipse weekend.

I made dark side of the moon cake.

Total Eclipse of the Banana Pudding.

Today we had Hot Hamburger Sandwiches.

This was a homemade hamburger patty (the Sun) mashed potatoes (the moon)  and gravy which was the clouds that messed up our viewing experience a bit.  🙂

We were told we’d have 97% darkness where we were, but as you can see the clouds and rain messed that up a bit.

He still looked pretty cute in his glasses.


Sometimes the Cat Loves Me TOO much.

20160110_203640.jpgThis is Two Toes.

This is normally what Two Toes is doing.. laying on sweaters that are tossed on chairs or the sofa.  He either she’s covered herself up with a quilt, OR someone did it.  Pretty much this is what Two Toes does.  She sleeps. She rarely goes outside, but yesterday I guess she wanted out.


Yesterday this is what she looked like.

  We were just finishing up with our Sunday lunch when I heard her scratch the back window.  #6 started to let her in.. when I yelled “NOOOOOOOO!” Because I had seen what was in her mouth.


The Man says this is a field mouse… I thought mice were tiny.  This thing WAS HUGE!