List: Guilty Pleasures


My guilty pleasures.. 2015

  • Starbucks Passion Iced Tea
  • V-8 juice with crushed iced (and salt but don’t tell my dr)
  • Dumb Movies (any except scary ones)
  • croissants with real butter
  • a fantastic sale or find at Marshall’s
  • Quick Trip Passion iced tea (I buy a gallon of it a week) only 1.69
  • feather pillows
  • Yik Yak
  • Tervis Tumblers
  • Needlepoint
  • TMZ
  • Seinfeld ReRuns
  • AMC Fork and Screen movie theaters
  • Time talking about nothing with my friends
  • being alone at my house with my husband.  (it’s only happened 4 times in 19 years)

List: The Numbers I’ve Committed to Memory

In my book of lists… it asks all the numbers I’ve committed to memory. Weird huh? But as I started thinking I do have some weird things I’ve remembered.

There is the usual… my home phone, The Man’s cell phone, my pastor’s home and cell phone, my kids numbers.  Birthday’s of my family and close friends. Shoe size’s of my family

Then there are these… that I think are kind of weird.

  • My old phone number I had growing up as a kid. It ends in 9029.. and our zip +four is 9029.
  • My boyfriend in high school’s phone number, social security number and birthday (weird right?) That makes me sound like a stalker…
  • My address where I lived when I was 6.. 8711 Lee Blvd
  • My address where I lived when I was 16 8117 E 134th Street
  • The measurements in each room of my house
  • Elvis’ birthday
  • The size jeans I wore in high school.. and thought I was fat.
  • My Kansas drivers license number
  • my old bank account number.. but not my new one :/
  • The “worst” day of the year.. it happens in November, and in my lifetime I’ve had bad things happen to me on that day. I got in a wreck as a teenager, my “favorite” boyfriend broke up with me, lost 500.00, got fired from a job,  had a miscarriage as an adult, #2 was in a wreck on that day. (just to name a few)  I’ve been known to not leave the house on that day.
  • #3 is my favorite number because of a boy named Trey that told me I was beautiful when I was in 4th grade.

Do you have any weird numbers you have kept in your memory?

List: Jobs I’ve had as Child/Young Adult


High School

  • Lifeguard
  • Swim instructor
  • Cashier/meat counter at a butcher shop
  • Cashier at a grocery store
  • Telemarketer for a carpet cleaning company
  • Cashier at a garden center
  • Waitress/napkin folder at a Chinese Restaurant (for 3 hours)
  • I sold candy at school out of my backpack that I bought at Sam’s everyday.  I made about 30.00 a day. (it help pay for college)


  • Asst Manager at an arcade
  • Asst Manager at an accessory store
  • Part Time Fleet department secretary
  • Carsales


  • Customer relations Manager (car dealership)
  • Finance Manager
  • Sales Manager/Closer (car dealership)
  • Auto body shop manager
  • Wife
  • Stay at home mom
  • Art teacher
  • eBay Queen
  • Newspaper columnist
  • Youth Director