Friday’s To Do Middle School Mission Trip Edition


Friday's To Do

6:30  Wake up breakfast

7:30  devotion

8:30   Hope House

11:00 Senior Center deliver meals on wheels play games eat with seniors

1:00  work at church or church members house

4:00 Lodge, swim or hike

6:00  Dinner= spaghetti, bread salad

8:30 devotion, songs

9:30 showers and get ready for bed

10:30 lights out

Thursday’s To Do Middle School Mission Trip Edition


Thursday's To Do

6:30   Wake up Breakfast

7:30    Devotion

8:30    Old Depot Museum

11:00   Senior Center Deliver Meals on Wheels play games, eat with seniors

1:00     Friends of the Library

4:00     Head to the Lodge, swim, showers, free time

6:30   Dinner = Pizza

8:30   Devotion, songs

9:30   Get ready for bed

10:30  Lights Out

Wednesday’s To Do Middle School Mission Stay Edition


Wednesday's TO Do

8:00   unload stuff at church

8:30   Life Care Center

11:30  Senior Center- deliver Meals on Wheels, play games, eat with seniors.

1:00    Pick up yard, help with VBS decorations

4:00    OU Lodge

6:00    Dinner = hamburgers, chips watermelon and cake

8:30     Devotions

9:30     Shower, get ready for bed

10:30    Lights Out


Monday’s To Do- Mission Trip Edition


The Battle of Wounded Knee

Monday's To Do

6:30AM to 1:00 Day Camp Activities,
1:00PM          Travel to Wounded Knee


4:00 PM          Free Time



6:00 PM          Dinner = Grilled Chicken Smashed potatoes, Green beans, rolls brownies



8:00 PM          Devotions



10:00 PM        Lights Out