The Weekend is Coming What’s the eBay Queen Doing?

Friday is here.. and I think I’m Ready.  This weekend is the Confirmation Class Spring Retreat.  I won’t have internet access.. so I am scheduling my blogs to post. If I had internet access you could see what was happening while it happened..  I could try to write a blog from my phone.. but even I’m not sure if I can do that!

Here’s our Winter Retreat:

This retreat was held up by Topeka Kansas at a Girl Scout Camp.  I believe it was in Dover Kansas.  We had a great time, working, learning about our faith, eating, roaming the camp grounds and just hanging out.

Here they are playing cards

I really LOVE these kids. I took most of them on a mission trip last summer, and I had the honor of co-teaching them in this confirmation class.

K-squared playing some music.

Making Dinner

I guess they thought it would be fun to plastic-wrap a kid to a pole. Don’t tell their parent.. oh wait.. I am that kid’s parent.

See they are working on their note books.. No huffing splenda.. 😉

Just remember while your reading this.. I’m with these kids… most likely having a good time… and keeping them away from plastic wrap.