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I can’t Believe this Finally Sold! Groovy Wine Cooler Vase

Some would say.. “That’s the most UGLY thing I’ve ever seen!’

Some would say.. “That’s pretty cool!”

I just say “Thank God it sold!”

So this vase.. wine chiller.. ice bucket.. thing.. has been with me for a while.  How long you ask?  Well in my Blackthorne listing program this is item 242 and I am currently writing up 38,348.  That’s a long time huh?  If you know me  well.. you’ll completely understand how old this is once you see the photo below.

See the 541? That  is the original grease pencil from Strickers Auction way

back when. (When you buy something there, they mark it with your number)

Now.. if you know me.. or you’ve frequent  Strickers.. you will know I’ve had a permanent

number (163) at that auction house since 1999.  Everyone knows a number like 541 is

for a newbie.. (and Yes.. we cleaned that off before we shipped it)

Look at the smile on #1’s face.  She’s SO Happy to see this gone.

When  the eBay Sold notification came in, I cheered (as only a

eBay Queen would), and then said to #1.. “What’s the one thing you’d

like to see sold, that hasn’t sold?”  Without hesitation she says; “That

green vase?!?!” I hope the new owner is just as happy to see it

arrive at their doorstep as we are to see it leave our shelf!

Who Would Buy some Pink Flamingos?

I'm not completely sure where I bought this. I think at some auction,

somewhere. I thought it was unusual and pretty. Not really my style…

but cute enough right?

It was even hand signed.

I was pretty shocked it sold for $144.00!

Who knew this would Sell? Bamboo Socks

I purchased a bunch of these socks on clearance. I thought they were pretty unusual because they were made from Bamboo. I’ve noticed since I bought those socks a year or so ago.. that a lot of things made from Bamboo are selling well..

You can see the retail price was 3 pair for 20.00. I think I bought them for under 2.00.

I put them up for auction on eBay for 9.99 with Free Shipping. I thought they would only sell for the

opening bid.. When the auction ended, they sold for over 50.00!

Who Knew a Back Brush would Sell so Well?

I love to shop at Marshalls. To check to see if you have a Marshalls in your area go here: I found these cute little shower brushes there one time. They had them on clearance for $3.00 each. They met all of my requirements to buy.. they were cute, interesting, and had an something collectible about them.

This one had a vintage Fly Fishing theme to it.

vintage back brush, marshalls, fly fishing, sexy pinup

Cute huh? I thought it would appeal to sailors, fly fisherman (or fisherwomen).

I also found this one…

She's cute.. and I thought she would appeal to cowgirls (and cowboys). And just people that wanted to have a shower brush.

I bought one of each kind and put them on eBay. The blue one sold for $32.00 and the pink one for $28.00. I went to EVERY Marshalls in the area, and bought the rest of them!


A little side note… I bought 2 pairs of shoes at Marshalls, for $5.00 a piece. I wore them a couple of times, and didn't really like them too much. One pair was a tiger print and the other zebra. The looked similar to this.

I sold the zebra pair for $46.00 and the tiger pair for $56.00..only just a couple of reasons WHY I love Marshalls.

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