Child Labor Laws and Home Business.. Should I be Concerned?

Have you ever wondered if you've ever broken the child labor laws for your state?  Sometimes I do.  You see I have quite a few children to break the laws with…

So let's play a game and figure out which one is not mine… Can you guess?


You guessed the Blue-eyed Ginger right?  He's not really a child, but he does ALL KINDS of things for me.. he entertains the monkeys, picks up inventory in far away places.. and loves my lasagna

We have this one.. She's not a child (in age..) 😉  I kid.. I kid.

She's wraps boxes and ships stuff out.  If you don't get your item..

You need to talk to her. (oh.. see that look she's giving the camera?

That's the same one she'll be giving me once she see's this blog post.)

This one.. he's a problem… he thinks he's the "Supervisor" of

the child above… and well the child below.  I like to call him my

pack mule.

(Just in case you were wondering.. the child in this photo has bows

the other one.. He's The Man.)  She looks so sweet.. but she's quite

a hondler, and I just taught her how to write some auctions up…

hopefully this will work out in my favor.

This one.. how can you make this one work?  He's so dang cute.

He just eats cookies and watches the others work.

I'm blogging about all of this child labor stuff because of this photo:

I had #4  hold up this Pottery Barn Blimp.. and  it looks like it's

killing him or something.. Don't tell the state of Kansas I mean Florida.


If you wondered… he made it through holding up wire blimps…

His thumbs are A-OK



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