Contemplating the Re-Numbering of the Children.. or just Typing Out loud

I've been thinking a lot lately about re-numbering my kids.  If you've read my blog for very long you'll know that I don't give my children's names out.. I just refer to them by number.  You know…

#2 (in blue) #1 (in red), #3 holding #6, #3.5 and the 2 little boys in front #4 in blue and #5 in green. They are numbered by age.. or birth order.  

Most people don't know it but #3 and #3.5 are only 16 hours apart.  They've been the best of friends since 2nd grade. I didn't give birth to  #3.5  but I love her just like did.  When she came to live with us in 2011, I only thought she would be here a month or two.. we feel so fortunate and blessed that she is with us permanently. In January The Man and I became Miss #3.5's legal guardians.

I've been thinking about re-numbering the monkeys.. and if I do it by birth order #3.5 should be #4 and so on. That would mean I would need to change the numbers of the 3 youngest boys. I'm not sure that they would care… or maybe they would.  Maybe #3.5 just wants to be 3.5 and not a whole number.  I could always give #3.5 the number of #7.. but then it would screw up the whole birth order thing.    What do you think?

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