Listening:  To my children do school.  They talk too much.. and ask each other too many questions while they are doing it.

 Loving: The cool fall days.  It's nice to wear a hoodie for a little while in the morning and evening. 🙂

Thankful: I'm thankful for a God who loves me and who's love never gives up on me.

Thinking: I'm thinking about how some parents do not deserve the children they are given.  I can not believe the cruelty and self centered-ness (is that a word?) of some people. Yesterday my stalker went to court, not for my trial, but because he hurt (beat) another woman. He was sentenced to 6 months in jail.  That's great right?  But because he only cares about himself, he brought his 11 year old son to witness his jury trial.  He was found guilty and sentenced in front of this child. Guess what happened then?  The son was left in court.. while the dad (stalker) went to jail.  The Man (my husband) was there to hear what happened at the trial, he comforted the guy's son and sat with him until the authorities came to take him.  Why didn't this idiot care enough about his children (there were also 2 at school waiting to be picked up) to make some kind of arrangements?

 Wanting: My sermon to write it's self.

Needing: Time to work on my eBay stuff and time to work on my sermon

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