Daddy’s Little Girl

You know my husband (affectionately referred to as “The Man”) is

really a good dad. He makes sure his kids have coats, (me not so much.. it’s a real

problem with me. I hardly ever wear a coat and I hate carrying my kids coats. Does

that sort of explain my issue?), and he makes sure we all have a roof over our

heads (I do care about this more than the coats) 🙂 Chris Rock has a whole thing

he does about how Dad’s get no respect… and Mom’s get all the love… what does Daddy

get? “The big piece of chicken”.

That being said.. I love this photo.

I think he’s praying here.. that she doesn’t give him that face. He’ll have to say

“yes” if she does.

When’s he going to smile?

That’s not really a smile.. but I’ll take it, because I have this photo

Did I tell you I love this picture?

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