Dear eBay Queen: An eBay Buyer Stole my Shoes & Then Put Them on Social Media!

Dear eBay Queen:

I waited in line for 16 hours for several pair of Nike Air Jordan Shine shoes in royal blue Vachetta leather.  I purchased the shoes and put them on a buy it now on eBay.  I’ve sold and shipped all of my shoes, but I have a problem with one pair.  The buyer says they did not receive the shoes, and the tracking shows they were delivered.  I contacted eBay and they said that was all I needed to do.  A couple of days have gone by and the buyer has said that the tracking shows they are on their way back to me.  WHAT?  So low and behold, I check the tracking and the shoes are at my post office and they are going to be delivered back to me.  How can this happen?

I received the package back, and it’s not even the size, weight or shape of the shoes!  It looks like they used an Exacto knife to cut off my label and taped it on this new package. What should I do?  The shoes were sent to an individual about 65 miles from me, and the buyer has an unusual name, so I looked at his Facebook page and low and behold, there are photos of him with MY SHOES on. I looked at his Twitter feed, and he has pictures on there.   I have not contacted him yet what should I do?


Dear A.V.

I’m so glad you had the forethought to look at this guy’s Facebook page and Twitter feed.  If I were you, I would take screenshots of the photos showing this person wearing the shoes.  I would then contact eBay and the post office.  What this person is doing is mail fraud.  To file a complaint with USPS go HERE:

I think if it were me, once I got the all-clear from eBay and they closed the ‘not received’ claim, I would re-tweet their photos to let the buyer know that you know what they are doing.  I would say something like, “nice shoes, I thought you didn’t receive them”


Dear eBay Queen:

You’d think as long as I’ve been selling Legos and Lego sets, I would have had this happen before, but I haven’t.  I sold a 4 different sets of Frozen and Friends Legos.  I received a message from the buyer and they said that EVERY set (each set was sealed in the package,) has missing pieces.  I messaged them and asked them to send me a list of the pieces that were missing.  I then called eBay, and they told me my best bet was to offer a refund and just chalk it up to doing business.  HUH?  Why would they say that to me? How could all 4 new sealed sets be missing pieces? 

I’m thinking about calling Lego and telling them what pieces are missing, and perhaps they will send me those pieces so I can send them to the buyer?  What other options do I have?


Dear Maggie:

I think that is a great idea! I would contact Lego and see if you can get the parts from them.  If you can’t I think your only option is to have the buyer send the sets back and offer a refund. I think it’s pretty suspicious that all four sets arrived with missing pieces; the issue is that it is your word against the buyers. This is why eBay says “it’s the cost of doing business.”   I have called eBay in a similar situation and they have said almost the same thing to me. I hate to hear them say those words.  It seems almost insulting to me. 

I hope that Lego comes through for you and your buyer is happy.


Strange eBay Item of the Week: Item #:111019548316. If you have the right set, Legos can bring a hefty price. Lego 40005 Creator Bunny New Sealed Free US Shipping Set Retired. SOLD: $10,000.00.

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