Dear eBay Queen: My Buyer is a Drama Queen and I Don’t Know What To Do!

Dear eBay Queen:

I’m not sure what to do. I normally sell women’s clothing, and not women’s intimates. In my last shipment from my wholesaler, I received 8 bras. Four of these bras were a 38C, and the other four were a 42D. I put the items up for sale in a lot of four. I sold both lots to different people. My 42D person left me glowing positive feedback. My 38C person sent me this message:

Hi, I just returned the 4 bras you sent me as they are not the right size. The tag says they are a 38C, but there is no way they are a 38. They have to be a 36 or maybe even a 34. I expect a FULL REFUND and I am not paying your ridiculous re-stocking fee. I expect all my postage to be returned also. I have overnighted this back to you. These items are definitely not up to par as the bra is too small. My overnight charges were $34.82.

I expect a FULL REFUND of $69.99 and will report this to both eBay and PayPal to have them investigate if I do not receive the full refund. I cannot be held to pay for anything for an item that does not meet the standards of a 38C. It is your responsibility to report that these bras are not a 38C but are in fact a 36 or 34C. This bra is the only bra I’ve ever worn since I’ve become an adult. I know how these bras fit. I don’t know what you’ve done to this, but it’s not good. I’m not happy with you or your merchandise.

PS: I measured these bras from end to end and they measure 40” That is certainly not a 38!! You are a robber and dishonest your feedback from me will soon reflect that!

What should I do? Do you think I am required to refund their overnight shipping? Should I respond to this? I called eBay, and the person told me I should have the buyer open a return request. I messaged the buyer and told them to open a return request to make sure they receive their money and shipping back. They sent the following message to me:

eBay’s returns policy is ridiculous. There is no way I am going to open one of those. The last 2 times I did that eBay found in the seller’s favor because I didn’t dot my I’s and cross my t’s . I’m never going to do that. You just need to give me my money or my feedback will reflect what kind of low- life you are.”

I called eBay back, and they escalated me up to someone else, who told me we had to “wait and see” what was going to happen. They said that the buyer was using feedback extortion, and that I should not pay for the overnight shipping, ONLY what I originally paid for shipping. Do you think I’m being given good advice by eBay? What should I do? I’m a little weirded out since the item hasn’t come back yet, and if she had overnighted, it should have been here 2 days ago. What should I do? Never again will I sell bras.



Dear KPP:

Well, it appears that your buyer is a bit of a drama queen, and doesn’t know her own bra size. In this situation, I probably would not message your buyer until the items arrive. Once they arrive I would inspect them and make sure they were what you sent and in the condition you sent them. I would then message her and tell her you are refunding her purchase price of $69.99. I would not refund the overnight shipping charges she requested. If she leaves you a negative feedback I would immediately call eBay and have it removed for feedback extortion.

It is clear to me this woman needs a 40C and not a 38C. She even measured the bras, and they measured the way a 38C would measure. I would let the CS rep at eBay know this also, just in case she dings your stars for item as described.

I’m sorry you ran into a buyer that was less than kind. It seems there are a lot of people these days that think they are right and are offended by their own weight gain.


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