Dear eBay Queen: My Seller Blocked Me on eBay & On Social Media!

Dear eBay Queen:

I’m pretty upset with a seller that I purchased something from on eBay. I purchased what I thought was vintage Homer Laughlin Fiesta Ware. It was not vintage – it was the new in the box dishes set! I gave the seller a negative, and come to find out they have left messages about me on different eBay Facebook groups, and on the Fiesta boards I frequent. I’m really ticked off about this.   One of the groups is a “block this bidder” group! I contacted eBay, and they did not offer much help. They just simply stated “this kind of thing happens in social media these days.” The seller sent me a message asking me “why I left a negative, and why I would think this was vintage?” I have not responded. I did go back to look at the feedback and see that it was removed by eBay! When I called eBay they said it did not meet the standards of feedback. WHAT? I thought it was my opinion?

What should I do? I’m afraid to purchase anything off of the site because of this. What if all of these people have blocked me? Please help me.

Vintage Homer

Dear Homer:

Thank you for sharing the eBay number with me. I reviewed the listing, and nowhere in this seller’s listing did it state that this product was vintage, it also showed the place settings new in the box. The category was even correct, new fiesta.

I think the best thing to do, is to contact your seller, apologize for not realizing that they were correct, and maybe throw in an “I was hasty in leaving feedback” comment too. I would ask if they would delete or remove the comments they’ve made on the Facebook groups and the Fiesta boards. If they refuse to do it, at least you’ve tried. If you are feeling brave enough, you could respond to those comments, and apologize on the boards. Let them know you were quick to leave feedback, and didn’t really know better. Now with this experience you have realized what you did wrong, and will be a more informed buyer.


Dear eBay Queen:

I received my first return, but I am freaking out because it is a defect! I sold a beautiful vintage long sweater with fringe on eBay. The buyer had it 9 days, and opened return request on eBay. Here’s what the buyer said in the request:
“Doesn’t work or defective
Comments: Hi there. The item (sweater) isn’t exactly defective, but, sadly, it’s intolerably pokey, scratchy and itchy. I’ve tried to wear it, and I just can’t do it – it’s left hives all over my body. I’m not sure what else to select. Thank you so much for sending it well-packaged and in a timely fashion. I love the sweater; I just can’t see myself with welts and hives everywhere. Please let me know how to send it back.”

I didn’t know what to do, so I called eBay TWICE. I was basically told the same thing from both people with the exception of one thing.

CS REP 1 said: Approve the return, have the buyer send it back, refund their money, and call back to get the defect removed.

CS REP 2 said: Message the buyer in the case and give them your return address, and have them send the item back, refund their money, then call eBay and the defect will be removed.

Do you have any advice on which one I should do? The first one I am going to have to pay for the shipping. The second one I won’t. I’m pretty sure that eBay is NOT going to give me my money back for the shipping either. Thanks!


Dear Milly:

I’ve heard both replies from different eBay Customer Service representatives. The drawback to the first one is you have to pay return shipping. The drawback to the second one, is that it looks like you haven’t responded, and the buyer can escalate the case. Also, if the buyer does not send the item back within the allotted time period, you will not be able to escalate it with option 2.

I have always gone with option 2, and had the buyer send the item back without me paying the return shipping and then called eBay to have them remove the defect. I hope eBay removes your defect!


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