Dear eBay Queen: Should I Sell to a Buyer that Asks Strange Questions?

Dear eBay Queen:

I’m, not sure what to do.  This buyer made me an offer on a wedding dress that I purchased at a local store.  The dress is new, but I said that I thought it was tried on.  I took 25 photos of the dress.  I woke up this morning to the minimum price the buyer could offer without it being rejected by auto decline.  I think her message is weird.  Do you ever get messages like this?

“Hello, I am curious about the beautiful wedding dress you have listed.  I have a couple of questions about the dress.  Can I ask why you are selling it?  Did you wear it? Was it yours from your wedding?  Do you consider it bad luck to wear someone else’s wedding dress?  I don’t think it is personally if you were still married OR if you were a widow?  Are you still married or a widow?  If you are a widow, I am so sorry. I know this is a bit nuts, but please respond as soon as possible.”

What do you think I should do?  I don’t really want to accept her offer, I would like to up it for sure, but what if she is nuts over this dress?


Dear Grace:

Well, those are some odd questions.  I would message her and let her know that your dress is new, and never been owned by another bride, but it has been tried on. I would mention any issues you have found in the dress.  I would also check out the feedback she leaves for other people.  If she’s not in the habit of leaving neutral or negative feedback, I would answer her questions and make a counteroffer to her.


Dear eBay Queen:

I have no idea what to do with my stuff that doesn’t sell on eBay. What do you do? Surely you have things that do not sell, right?

I’m in quite a few Facebook Swap & Talk groups. Some of the groups I’m in have limits on how many items you can list per day and others are so large, that unless a person is looking right when you list it, it will get lost.  I was thinking of starting my own group or Facebook page where it’s only MY stuff that is selling.  Is this a good idea? My other choice was what I have been doing, which is setting up a booth like thing at some of the local flea markets and swap meets.  I’m not crazy about doing that because I have to sit out in the weather, and it just takes so long to set everything up and maybe my stuff won’t sell.

I also sell on Etsy, Amazon, Bonanza and have my own website. It is slow everywhere for me. What should I do with my stuff?

Nothing Selling.

Dear Selling:

If you have your product on all those sites, and you are not having any luck, maybe your items are priced too high OR perhaps you are not buying the right things.  You did not put a link to your listings, so I can’t say for sure.  If I were you I would check your items against other items that are listed, and that have been sold.  Are your photos good? Is your pricing along with shipping and handling fair?  Do you have good descriptive titles?   If you are doing all of those things right, your items should be selling.

I have not sold on Facebook, but I do have a few friends that do it.  They have been fairly successful with it.  When I feel like I have an item that won’t sell, I pack it up and send it to the auction or Goodwill.


Strange eBay Item of the Week: Item #:251984683777. I’m visiting Chicago this week, and eating Chicago pizza is on my to-do list. Giordano’s is a family favorite. I didn’t find a whole lot of memorabilia from them listed on eBay, but here’s what I did find: Vintage 80’s 90’s Giordanos Jersey Style T-Shirt Chicago Pizza Fits L to XL SOLD: 19.99.

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