Dear eBay Queen: Why Is This Buyer Playing Games with Me?

Dear eBay Queen:
Remember when eBay’s philosophy was “everyone is basically good”?  I’m not sure that applies so much anymore. I sold a rare Franklin Mint monopoly game, table and all of the pieces.  The game was new, and the contents were sealed.  I took the item out of the box for pictures, but the pieces and the game cards were still sealed. I stated the following in the listing:

This item was removed from its original shipping box to be photographed. I have not taken removed the seals/shrink wrap from the game cards or pieces.  You can see by the photos what items are still shrink wrapped and or in their protective green cases with the foam padding.  This is new and has not been played with. Free Shipping!”

The buyer contacted me 29 business days after the item sold, to tell me that she is missing the gold plated lantern game piece/token.  She included photos, and NOTHING about the game I sent is NEW any longer.  I sent her a message through the eBay return que, and told her that the items were all new in the package and sealed, and that you can see from my photo where the lantern is in the box.  I am beside myself, because I cannot sell this for the price I had if they return an item that they’ve used/removed the seals or shrink wrap from.  What do I do?  I want to call into eBay, but I need your help knowing what to tell them.

Will eBay stand up for me?  Will they care about my photos?  Will I have to eat this?




Dear Troy

Thank you for including your buyer’s eBay ID.  After reviewing their eBay account I see that they sell games, and have sold pieces of the Franklin Mint game in the last 15 days.  I would call into eBay and explain your story.  Tell them to review the messages your buyer sent you, and to ask them to close this return because they have altered the game by opening the shrink wrap.

If the first person you talk to is not helpful, I would not be afraid to ask for a supervisor.  I hope this is cleared up.


Dear eBay Queen:

I feel like an idiot, but I have a shipping issue.  I have been selling sheets, and comforter sets on eBay and Amazon.  I received a message from a buyer that says that my shipping is too high.  I wasn’t sure what she meant, so I asked her to clarify.  She basically told me that, I live in Oklahoma, and she lives in Florida.  The total shipping cost is 45.00 to send it via USPS priority mail.

I thought that was high too, so I went into my post office and they told me that it was because the package was oversized.  I contacted eBay and they told me to get a UPS account because the same item would be 22.85 to ship UPS Ground OR to select parcel post and it would be less than priority mail.

The eBay employee was very nice, but suggested I do this with all my listings, because the shipping is all a bit high. How do I edit all 35 listings?  That will take me ALL DAY.

I am not trying to rip anyone off; I weigh it all and measure boxes. I am not trying to overcharge for shipping. Should I change all my shipping to parcel select? I’m too scared to do free shipping because I don’t want to lose money. You never know who will be buying the item so it’s impossible to know how much shipping will actually be. Any advice would be appreciated.




Dear TLL:

If you are selling bulky or heavy items like bedding or comforters, it would benefit your business to have a UPS account.  I always offer several different shipping options when I am listing something that would be considered bulky.  I think it’s good to select Priority, Parcel, and UPS Ground.  This way, the buyer can choose the way they want the item shipped when they are paying for the shipping.

eBay has made it pretty easy to do a “bulk change” to all your listing items.  They have a special tool.  Here is more information on it. BULK CHANGE on eBay


Strange eBay Item of the Week: Item #182216318482. Franklin Mint games are highly collectible. Franklin Mint Stratego Civil War Official Collector’s Edition Game Very Rare. SOLD: $1450.00.



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