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Dear Virgin Mobile Broadband…

You know they say a company is only as good as their service. My service with Virgin Mobile Broadband has been STELLAR.. until Friday. I understand outages, and problems.

I lived with Hughesnet Satellite Service for almost 8 years, so I understand what an outage is. I was SO happy to find a service that worked in my area AND was affordable. Virgin fit all of those things to the letter.What I am having SUCH a hard time with is how HORRIBLE your customer service is…

  • I've made 9 phone calls to Tech Support.
  • Disconnected 3 times in 30 minutes
  • Asked to speak to a supervisor and transfer to the wrong # then transfered back to the MAIN Que where I waited for another 20 minutes for someone to help me. ONLY to have them spend 30 minutes "TROUBLE SHOOTING my device. (If you haven't lived through Manila Tech Support telling you to reboot your computer 3 times you haven't really lived.)
  • Once the troubleshooting was over I asked to speak to a supervisor. They transfered me to someone that had NO IDEA what is wrong… and when the service will be back up… Oh and my favorite part.. they would call me in 3 days to see how I was doing.

I went with Virgin Broadband because of the UNLIMITED bandwitdth and the $40.00 a month price. Virgin is part of the Sprint network. We have 3 Sprint mobile phones (for going on 10 years) and our home phone service is Sprint. I trusted I would recieve the same service I have always recieved with them.. but apparently not.

I've been tweeting back and forth with @VMUCARE Their latest tweet "We shall get a update by this week and if you like to DM for any updates, I can notify you." REALLY? This week? I bet **my** customers who want their packages shipped won't care about my outage.. they just want me to provide the service I promised. I also like the DM (or Direct Message part). Because if I could get direct messages when the INTERNET WAS DOWN.. I would then have.. well.. the internet with some other company.

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