Do You Block eBay Buyers Like This?

I have several eBaying friends that will block buyers with questionable feedback.  Usually they are alerted by a weird question or something, that makes them check out the feedback left by the buyer for other sellers.  Last night I received a question that maybe wasn't so weird, but struck me as odd at the time.


"What is meant by 'this looks like it was dropped in the store'?"

I realize this could be a simple question.. but I just got a weird feeling. So I answered the eBay buyer and then went to look at the feedback left.

blockbuyer2"After asking ?s & getting answers, I paid then he said not 4 sale NOT OK & Rude"


blockbuyer3My personal favorite: "Strangely mean-spirited, extremely hostile, wouldn't ship then wouldn't refund"

Did you see that these negatives were left all together for different sellers?

blockbuyer4Even some of her positives are negative.

Would you block this person?  This negative feedback was all on the same page.

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