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I teach the eBay Basics and Beyond the Basics Class. I usually teach a class a month. If you are interested in a group lesson or one on one class, please contact me.
All Day eBay April 24, 2010 @ Olathe Main Library (Olathe, KS) class time: 10-3:30pm
May 15, 2010 @ Indian Creek Library (Olathe, KS) class time:  10-3:30
In the eBay Basic Class You Will Learn:
  • Become an eBay seller
  • Do research and create Listings
  • Improve your Listings with better descriptions and photography
  • Set pricing
  • Open and use a PayPal account
  • Monitor your Listings
  • Complete transactions
What you should have to use eBay
  • A computer with Internet access does not need to be yours (required)
  • An email account (required)
  • A PayPal account (required)
  • A way to make digital pictures of items you want to sell (not required, helpful)
How selling an item on eBay works
  • You list your item with eBay
  • People bid on the item
  • When the auction period is over, the auction winner is notified by eBay
  • The winner contacts and pays you
  • You ship the item
  • You leave feedback for the buyer
  • The buyer leaves feedback for you

A few notes of caution
  • Be cautious of email that claims to come from eBay. Any messages from eBay OR PayPal will also be available on the sites themselves.
  • eBay involves money and making smart financial choices. You are responsible for making sure you understand these transactions before you participate in them. If you have questions, please ask!
  • DO NOT EVER give your login, password or any banking information in response to an email or to a site that you did not go to on your own.
Helpful stuff
Kansas City eBay Meetings email me for information on this…

Kansas City eBay Seller’s Yahoo Group to join send an email to questions@asktheeBayqueen.com
Helpful links:
eBay seller’s help: http://pages.ebay.com/help/sell/

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