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eBay Pet Peeves: Book Sellers that May or May Not have Bad Descriptions

Have you ever bought a book on eBay?  How about Amazon?  I think it's important to support other eBay Sellers, so I always look for what I need there first.  You may know that I homeschool… but you might not know that 90% of my books come from the internet.

If you haven't bought a book on Amazon or eBay lately you are missing out on some really good prices and some really frustrating wording.  Today I was trying to find a 2nd grade math book for #5 and trying to decide between two different business math books for #2.

I wrote a blog last year about what kind of curriculum I use  HERE.

The second grade book I have always used is now selling for $67.00 new.  I bought the same book last year for $18.99 new.  Usually Math books for 2nd grade and under are more like workbooks (where you tear the pages out)… that's what type of book this one is.  For some reason the same book is 58.00 higher a year later. 

I found lots of books to purchase, but most of them had this problem: BAD DESCRIPTIONS.

**keep in mind this is a workbook, so it's important that it not be written in.  I don't care if one or two pages are done.. but I don't want one that's half way finished!  I looked at quite a few math books and many of them seem to have the same issue… none quite as bad as this one..

"USED Paperback–Not filled in. This book may or may not have all of the characteristics listed below as to its condition due to use and shelf life: cover scuff/scratches/indents, bent/exposed corners and edges, pencil/pen markings on white page edges of book and inside, wrinkled/folded pages or contain a school ID number/name or sticker or both on or inside the book-otherwise this book is tightly bound with little to NO highlighting and in GREAT CONDITION. May or may not contain all 6 workmats in the back. "


So the first sentence says USED Paperback– Not filled in.  (This means to me that it hasn't been marked in) Then the seller starts with the MAY or MAY NOT.. and they say pencil/pen markings on white pages.. um.. Ok  which do I believe?  The "not filled in" or the "May or May not have pencil/pen markings" ?  How about the last sentence.. "May or may not contain all 6 workmats in the back"   What the French Toast?  Seriously?

I truly believe these sellers are just covering their butts!  Do you think a glassware seller would be able to say : "May or May Not contain chips or cracks?"  or how about someone selling a pair of Levis?  "May or may not be a size 8 and may or may not have a broken zipper."

This is for a "used Good" book on Amazon.. "May contain highlighting/underling/notes/etc.  May have used stickers on cover"

This type of  wording is pretty common on Amazon.  I think it is COMPLETELY wrong and a seller should not be able to say it May or May not have.. I realize they are doing it because they have multiple copies of the same book.. but really.. why in this day and age of Amazon and eBay are book sellers allowed to get by with this?  While searching last week for #5's Silver Burdett Ginn 2nd Grade Math book, I asked 6 sellers (who had the book listed as used) if the book had been filled out.  Do you know how many sellers answered me? -0- 

What's your eBay Pet Peeve?

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