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If you follow my To-Do list.. (GET A LIFE) I’m kidding.. thank you for reading my boring lists.. You would know that I have been working on some pressing projects.  #1 has a wedding to go to, and for some reason COULD NOT wear any of the clothing she owns.. or buy any new clothing.  #4 needed a yellow tie made for his dance recital costume, #3 needed a solo costume made for her dance “A Day with the Cat in the Hat”.  Along with that costume.. she thought it would be cute to have her two younger brothers (#4 and #5) dress up as Thing 1 and Thing 2… SO I made those costumes also.  I am SO glad I took the the clothing and textile classes all 4 years in high school, or my kids would be out of luck!

I present to you Thing 1 and Thing 2.

Here’s #3 in her skirt.  I still need to put the sequins on it.

I think she really likes it when she spins in it.  I thought the costume

looked a little pirate-ish to me.  Argh! Matey!

Wrestle-Mania is alive and well at my house.

#1 chose some vintage fabric we had downstairs for her skirt.

The fabric was a pain to work with.. but I think it turned out pretty cute.

I forgot to take a photo of #4 in his tie… but I promise I made it too 🙂

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