Excuse Me.. a Beer Can Sold for What?

Genessee 12 Horse Ale Beer Can Flat Top Long Opening Instructions Sold 1700.00 by eBay Seller smhart523  Check it out HERE 




Clean Playmate zip top Flat Pull Tab Beer Can Bottom Opened Sold $860.00 by eBay Seller waykoolthings  Check it out HERE  


Lone Star Beer Texas Cap Pistol Beer Can Opener Works No Reserve  SOLD $465.00 by eBay Seller msullivan8hmk  Check it out HERE 


Opening Instructions Flat Top Beer Can Tavern Export Ale United Kingdom SOLD $449.50 by eBay Seller cquimby Check it out  HERE 

Schaefer Light Beer Olive Drab War Can 127 401 1 to 1 Bottom Opened SOLD $365.00 by eBay Seller hardy917  Check it out HERE 

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