Father’s Day from the Etsy Perspective

Yesterday’s blog was about Father’s Day gifts on eBay.. today we will see what my favorite crafty place has to offer.

father's day on etsy, what to buy your dad?

This is made with 6 different kinds of wood..So beautiful.

What dad wouldn’t want to carve his steak or turkey on this?

1. Six Kinds of Wood Tremendous Cutting Board $189.00 by Etsy Seller tauntongreen  Check it out HERE


Vintage Cobalt Blue glasses.. simple elegant and ready for drinks on the deck.

2. Hazel Atlas Glass Ships Sailboat Cobalt Blue $275.00 by comingaroundagain Check it out HERE.

My father collects these model ships.  I bet he’ d like this one.

3. Scale Model HMS Bounty in Custom Glass Case $1600.00 by JunkeStuffbyGinny Check it out HERE.

Yesterday someone told me I was “the daughter of a Sith Lord”.. so this shirt is appropriate.

4.  Hand Painted Tees Darth Vader Who’s your Daddy? T-Shirt $30.00 by lcandydesigns Check it out HERE.

I love this.. it combines a man’s favorite things.. metal fire and the outdoors.

5.  Great Bowl O Fire Recycled Steel Fire pit 37” $1049.00 by johntunger Check it out HERE

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