First Day of School Mobiles…

For the last 10 years we do the same thing on the first day of school.  We make our first day of school mobiles. 

#2 making coloring.

#5's finished work.

Once they color them.. they write (or I do) what their goals are, what they want to learn, how old they are, what they want to be when they grow up and their favorite things. I then cut them out, take clear packing tape and faux laminate them.  I could take them to be laminated.. but that would be a 25 mile drive… so I just use packing tape 🙂

#3.5's mobile

#2's mobile

Here's #5's goals.. "My goals are to finish 2nd grade, to read better and spell more bad words."  All I can say is he must take after his father.

I think this makes up for wanting to "spell more bad words"

Now there's a kid that takes after his mother 😉

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